Bangkok: a paradise of street food (Bangkok: ráj pouličního jídla)


Bangkok je podle CNN již druhým rokem po sobě jedním z nejlepších míst na světě  pro rok 2017 co se týče street food.

(Bangkok is one of the best cities for street food in the world in 2017, for two years in a row, according to CNN.)

It's impossible to avoid street food in Bangkok, where sidewalk vendors in different parts of the city operate on a fixed rotation.

Some take care of the breakfast crowd with sweet soymilk and bean curd, others dish up fragrant rice and poached chicken for lunch.

The late-night crowd offers everything from phad thai noodles to grilled satay.

Chef Van, of the French brasserie 4Garcons on Thong Lor Soi 13 in Bangkok, favors street food in Chinatown -- known locally as "Yaowarat."

He recommends hoy tod nai mong, a crisp fried mussel pancake: "The chef and owner makes them one by one on the charcoal stove."

Another favorite: Kuay tiew kai soi sai nam phung: "It is noodle soup with chicken wing stew with young egg and pork intestine! I've had it since I was a kid."


Source: CNN