Thailand Presents


Thailand Presents is an online platform launched by the Department of International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand as part of the government’s initiative to establish a “Digital Thai Corner” to promote the unique identity and economic potentials of Thailand to the world through a variety of distinctive local products and services. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand in cooperation with its alliance agencies proudly offers 11 groups of products and services, which are 

     1. Creative Economy
     2. Organic Products
     3. Jewelry and Fashion Design
     4. Arts and Crafts
     5. Health and Wellness
     6. Thai Kitchen to the World
     7. Diamond Halal
     8. OTOP Premium
     9. Thai Hospitality
     10. Research and Technology
     11. Education is a website designed to showcase goods and services, promote wider recognition of the items, and attract buyers to attend events and fairs in Thailand. It is designed to open up opportunities in international markets for Thai SMEs with their unique and high quality goods and services that Thailand “proudly presents".

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