The Royal Thai Embassy participated in the Loy Krathong activity organised by the Czech - Thai Society


On 22 November 2018, the Royal Thai Embassy was invited by the Czech-Thai Society to participate in the “Loy Krathong” activity.  Ms. Kakanang Amranand, Counsellor, Ms. Montha Buchabutra, Second Secretary, and staff of the Royal Thai Embassy participated in the event together with members of the Society which comprises of Czech, Thai people and their families. At this year’s event, members of the Society made Krathong out from biodegradable materials such as leaves, flowers or bread and participants sang Loy Krathong song in Thai altogether.  


The Czech-Thai Society is an association established by Czech people who love and are fond of Thailand.  The Society has been organising several Thailand related events in the past.  Both the Royal Thai Embassy and the Czech Thai Society had long supported each other’s activities and will continue to support each other in the future events.







Loy Krathong is one of important Thai traditions.  On full-moon day of the twelfth lunar month, Thai people float the “krathong”, a lotus-shaped vessel with candles, incenses and flowers, onto the waters as an act of expressing gratitude and offering apology to the goddess of water since the people have always used and polluted water for daily activities.  It is also believed that the krathong will take away their misfortunes.  To date, the Loy Krathong has evolved to become a grand festival, which some places in Thailand celebrate the occasion with parties, music, traditional dances, fireworks and beauty pageants.  This year’s Loy Krathong Day in Thailand was on 22 November 2018.